Content management

Videosquare provides a fully functional video content management service that allows you to build your own organizational media repository and distribution system on a cloud service basis. Organizations who leverage the power of video have to manage their video content via its whole lifecycle. Content has to be created, transcoded into different formats for different platforms, approved and authorized for the audience, delivered live or on-demand and continuously analyzed.

You can create content by uploading prerecorded material or conduct live webcasts with your own camera and industry standard streaming encoder hardware or software. Start creating video content and live webcasts immediately using your existing videoconference meeting rooms equipped with a standard H.323/SIP videoconference terminal.

Add complex metadata description for enhanced searchability and make recording context rich. Use your own categories and genres, add tags, authors and other details. Create your own channels to organize recordings by events or subjects. Upload additional documents, presentations and other material to illustrate and enrich media. Documents are automatically indexed to support refined search. Manage uploaded videos by authorizing which user group can access specific recordings or live events, analyzing user activity and media consumption patterns. It is useful to understand users’ interest, behavior for optimizing future videos.

Videosquare provides a customizable video portal. Brand your Videosquare microsite with your company logo, colors and messages. You can embed your live feeds or on demand videos into your own webpage, intranet, other web portals or even external social media sites. Engage your audience before and after viewing. Exploit the power of social media, share and embed your corporate content to broaden your audience both in space and time.