Video communication provides your company a leading edge. You can embrace the power of video rapidly and smoothly to make your operation more efficient, while there is no hassle when deploying Videosquare into your existing IT infrastructure. In case of companies where a strict security policy might be applied on using public cloud services, Videosquare is now able to work in your private corporate network, on a private cloud basis, providing you an integrated, fully featured enterprise “YouTube” video asset management and distribution framework.

Videosquare private cloud may run on dedicated hardware or make use of your existing virtual server infrastructure. The service may cover reaching both internal and external viewers. Be it internal trainings or public relations, Videosquare can cover both application types.

Integrate it with your storage and backup infrastructure. Reflector nodes will be assisting you to bandwidth effectively deliver media to a high number of employees by offloading business critical WAN connections between geographically distributed sites. Videosquare Application Programming Interface (API) is available for integration with your software environment or may cover automated operations.