Videosquare is a feature-rich, cloud based, enterprise YouTube solution. Videosquare helps to capture, deliver and manage any business related message, presentation or video. All stored content is safely and sufficiently shared to the appropriate audience over-the-air.

Videosquare broadcasts optimally every business related video based communication of any company wheter it is a personell training, a seminar, live or on-deman (archive) delivery of a conference, induction lecture for new employees (for example in case of compliance or IT security, fire safety education, etc.).

Videosquare can function as a collaboration tool encouraging people to create a more supportive working environment. Best practice videos can be shared easily via Videosquare. It fosters more effective communication of changes in business, such as new product launches, acquirement of new clients or projects, application of new services and makes PR and executive messaging smoother.

Possible Applications

  • Trainings and seminars: internal corporate (e. g. core business updates about new products/services/projects/customers) and in case of new employees (e.g. compliance, IT security, fire safety);
  • Knowledge management (video wiki): corporate „how to” and „best practices” videos;
  • Executive messages, PR and external communications;
  • Live event and conference streaming, videoconference meetings.

Product benefit

The corporate word, premium education providers and conference organizers are our most important prospects.

For education providers and conference organizers we can offer an online platform through which they can widen their sales channel towards live or on-demand online streaming media.

For companies we provide better, more engaging communication that leads to shorter decision cycles and so more efficient operation. Security was crucially important issue for us when creating the product, so that even companies with most sensitive data management policy can meet their needs.

Video helps to cut cost anyway. Just think of the time and expenses saved by avoiding unnecessary business travels or uncomfortable commuting of clients for a lecture far from their home.