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About ITSH
IT Services Hungary is the biggest ICT employer of Hungary operating as 100% subsidiary of T-Systems International in larger cities like Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs or Szeged giving jobs to a total of 3500 people. Uniquely in the area ITSH provides all round ICT Outsourcing and system integration services to its international clients.
Besides this, the company’s portfolio contains all wildly used software and hardware platform SAP-system services, remote and local server hosting, network management and network monitoring. The company is improving dynamically and based upon its highly experienced personnel it intends to operate as a competence-based ICT service center which fulfills orders of the highest needed professional competence in both international and domestic environment.

Business Problem

It is a very important task for ITSH to increase the loyalty and motivation of its workforce. One main criteria in reaching this goal is to create adequate flow for information, delivering homogeneous messages to colleagues. However, due to its 24/365 operation and the large number of employees dispersed in multiple locations it was difficult, expensive and problematic to organize company forums, executive briefings or simply to reach employees.
Average age of colleagues is 31 at ITSH. This generation can be effectively contacted with shorter, simplier messages that are different from the so far applied communication techniques like email or via the intranet surface. Video is one of these powerful new communicaton tools and the company was looking for a user-friendly solution that could apply video and allows to share it easily in the company’s internal network improving its communication.

Client’s need

A reliable online streaming system that operates within the company’s safe internal network and fits seamlessly into the company’s network topology (multiple locations) and able to serve even 3-4000 online viewer simultaneously and last but not least provides searchability option within the web archive of the captured company events.

Videosquare solution
• A cloud system that is deployed into and operates in the company’s network
• Easy to use and there are no special requirements on the client’s side
• Online, live and on-demand platform for delivery
• Real-life, dual stream streaming of presentations


Several employee forums were organized and successfully managed with Videosquare. The internal videoportal is on its way and new pieces of media are created continuously improving communication.

„As the biggest IT company of Hungary its our top priority to apply innovative solutions. Deploying Videosquare into our internal network is a good example of us for such commitment. It enabled us to inform first-hand our colleagues sitting next to desktop or working in different shifts about the most important information that affects the company and they can draw inspiration from our guest lecturers presentations covering culture, science or business.

„Thanks to live streaming and on-demand sharing of our corporate events we reach 80% of our employees, while this number was 40% on average before deploying Videosquare.” – said Csaba Bőthe, CEO of ITSH and added: ”Via video sharing we started to apply a really effective way of internal knowledge transfer within our company.”


K&H Alapkezelő Zrt. (fund management company)

About K&H Alapkezelő Zrt.

K&H Alapkezelő is part of KBC group, that has a dominant market share in Belgium and CEE region (including Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria) in the field of banking and insurance. The company exploits consistently global and local knowledge and experience deriving from KBC group in order to get out the maximum during his investment decisions and make possible the most successful fund management.

K&H Alapkezelő is a wealth and fund management company that functions as 100% subsidiary of K&H Bank Zrt..

Business need

Communication of product launches to sales personell of different, geographically remote branches and giving periodic information to premium clients about market trends and funds’ performances.
An online streaming service was needed that delivers archive or live recordings in safe to personell working in dispersed locations and which is also a simple and reasonably priced solution for content creation.

Videosquare solution
• Recording from already existing videoconference device
• Webcasting – Giving effective information simultaneously to colleagues of different distant locations
• Security


K&H Alapkezelő uses Videosquare effectively to educate his colleagues working in extensive branches covering a wide area and to provide information to them in time of new product launches. Besides internal application, premium clients get regular live updates via videos on market trends and performances of investment funds and insurance products.

(Videosquare is providing service as a subcontractor of Streamnet Ltd)