Though Videosquare primarily provides public and private cloud based software as a service, we offer additional professional services to assist our clients in creating video recordings and live webcasts, managing video assets and delivering content to a large number of viewers.

Professional dual stream capture and editing We believe that even professional content should be captured in a simple way. Traditional, single-stream videos can be easily captured and uploaded to the Videosquare portal. Recording dual stream content requires additional equipment and expertise we can provide. Our on-site team will do the capture for you. We work in High Definition quality, record the presenter, capture the content and broadcast it live if you want. Service covers everything from surveying a venue, negotiating technical requirements with venue staff, all equipment including light and sound and basic edit of recorded video material. We can also provide you with a simple videoconference software, so you can start recording directly from your desktop. Full editing of recorded video material is integral part of our capture service, which includes inserting logos and intros, credits or whatever you want as well.

System integration Our public cloud solution doesn’t require any professional services and can be up and running on the next business day. All client operation, including administration is managed from a simple web browser. Our private cloud solution requires local deployment in your private network adapting to your hardware and software environment. It requires thorough planning and can be tailor-made and integrated into the existing environment based on the specific needs.

Training Our customer-suited trainings can cover all general areas about video and internet technology, site administration, standard operation processes. We help you to make first steps with online video. You can use our experience, we help you create and verify your video strategy. Our trainings can cover audio/video recording equipment details, recording hardware, software and videoconference equipment compatible with Videosquare. Leverage Videosquare features adapting to your business. Learn about video content management, capturing basics, content delivery on a large scale, Videosquare portal branding and viewer-behavior analysis.