User Experience

We believe, if you want to communicate business messages, user experience matters the most. Regardless of the field of your business, you want to engage your audience, hold their attention, make a memorable experience as effectively as possible.

Besides “traditional” videosharing, Videosquare’s high quality “dual stream” technology allows you to deliver two video streams at the same time. Though sometimes it is useful to watch two video feeds at the same time, the typical application of the dual stream technology is to broadcast presentation, where one stream is for the presenter and the other is for the presentation content. The idea behind dual stream is to generate the same experience you can get at a traditional training event or conference. When attending a lecture, you typically watch the presenter (optimally at least 90% of the time) and occasionally the content. You want to decide which one you focus at a certain time, want to watch and listen to it in the best quality available and you need the opportunity to raise questions to the presenter. The presenter’s body language, facial expressions, his/her personal charm are all very important contextual information that needs to be conveyed to the audience. With Videosquare technology you can watch the presenter and the content to achieve best resolution on your screen and you can adjust the size of the two screens at each other’s expense.

Our dual stream solution makes live streaming a real-life experience except for the coffee breaks. Similar to “brick and mortar” lectures, the audience can raise questions via moderated chat. Significant part of the user experience is simplicity and availability. We don’t require any special clients to be installed on your device. Videosquare webcasts can be watched by a standard web browser on all desktop systems and mobile platforms.